Campus Consortium is on a mission

“To Reduce The Cost Of Education Throughout The World.”

Founded in 2003, Campus Consortium is a collaborative force of leaders, educators, technologists, students and community members working to bring about change in education through their varied experiences in the higher ed, k-12 and the public sector. Campus Consortium connects campuses across the world with a belief that by supporting common student success goals across campuses, all institutions gain access to innovative technologies that are developed by the Consortium, its member institutions and partners, to support these common goals, thus reducing the overall cost of ownership for an individual institution and giving all campuses and their students an equal chance to evolve and prosper in this competitive world.

Campus Consortium is a non-profit organization that unites approximately 37,000 institutions globally. The core values of the Consortium are trust, collaboration and maintaining a progressive spirit. These values help us bring about a collective impact on institutions including those with diverse income streams. We treasure the strengths, experiences and viewpoints of our members who provide guidance, leadership and best practices.