Join a nonprofit community of EdTech leaders and experts to help underserved educational institutions

Whether you focus on your neighborhood or a global issue contributing to help others offers something your day job may not: Becoming part of the solution. You can reach beyond your world to be one of the few who step up to help and address challenges in the education sector.

Technology and Finance Executives, Leaders and Experts. Educational Institutions need your help. The education sector is in turmoil and some institutions are suffering and struggling. Schools are impacted by the economy, society, technology, and changing generational values. Education transformation is essential and inevitable. A digital divide is deepening between educational institutions who can survive transformation and those who cannot. By offering a small amount of your time to schools who need advising and expertise, you will advance education, help with critical institutional transformation and contribute to the greater good.

Join Now

Campus Consortium invites you to join the “EdTech Share Program”. Join our community of Technology and Finance Executives, Leaders, and Experts who help institutions in need through volunteer and paid engagements.

  1. Volunteer to advise institutions when it suits your schedule.
    (1 to 2-hour engagement)
  2. Volunteer to advise institutions once or twice a month.
    (1 to 2-hour engagement)
  3. Paid Advisory (minimal hourly rate) one to five days 1-2 hours a day.
  4. Paid Advisory (minimal hourly rate) one to 4 weeks 1-2 hours a day or a week.
  5. Paid Advisory (minimal hourly rate) one month to 6 months 1-2
    hours a day or a week.