A chance to enhance your experience in advanced higher-ed technology, the Campus Consortium Awards 2020 invites seasoned leaders to take a glimpse at some of today’s novel and highly intuitive higher-ed solutions. All you need to come on board with us is proven experience in the category/categories you apply to judge and assess. We urge you to fill in an application form that can help us know you and your skills better. The Campus Consortium’s Ranking Committee (CCRC) will be in constant touch with its jury to bring forth the best technologies for the year 2020-21.

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A prestigious role to play, the Campus Consortium’s Jury gets an opportunity to review one of the best technologies around the world and stand to share the experience and expertise with leaders of higher-ed. Since the roles are reviewed all year long, one may apply for a judge’s role at any point. Judges have the opportunity to choose their categories on the basis of their proficiency and can begin assessing solutions from day one. The earlier you may apply, the easier it might be to select a category of your liking before the seats get filled-in. All categories have three judges on the panel and the application opens on January 15th, 2020.

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Why Be A Jury Member?

The Campus Consortium’s Jury can volunteer their time for multiple reasons. The most common ones are: 

  • Share ones’ experience with the nominating Universities/Schools
  • Gain access to new solutions/services that can transform higher-ed
  • Acquire knowledge on latest trends in the educational sphere
  • Add value with ones’ feedback and help product enhancement
  • A farsighted step, judging products/services will be helpful for your own Universities/Schools in the future

When Can You Expect To Be A Jury Member?

All Jury members will be ordained by the Campus Consortium’s Ranking Committee (CCRC) after a thorough evaluation based on the application form shared. Selection for the all Jury entrants will be notified through e-mails confirming their roles, categories and solutions they will begin assessing within two weeks of the Jury Application submission. 

Guidelines for Judges

  • Accountability. For any reason at any point, if a jury member wishes to discontinue judging, a formal mail needs to be shared with the Campus Consortium’s Ranking Committee (CCRC) stating reason so the solution/s can be transitioned.
  • Time Management. It is crucial that every judge takes out time and diligently devotes it to assessing the solution/product handed down to them. It is understandable that leaders might be absorbed with duties, however, proper time management needs to be honored for the categories being judged.
  • Be Communicative: Applicants will contact you, but being proactive will be great so contact them with a short introductory message suggesting date and time options best suited to you for each demo.
  • Evaluate and document instantly: Don’t delay documenting your assessments on the categories you judge! Take 15-20 minutes post a solution/product demo to update your notes and evaluations. Your notes are pivotal determining whether nominees can be awarded the awards.