Education Cyber Risk and Compliance
In-Kind Grant

Eligible Award Amount: Up To $100,000 Over 5 Years
Application Deadline Extended Until: June 6, 2022


Cybersecurity risk and compliance requirements continue to increase for the education sector. Almost every campus event and activity have an element of risk to the institution and students, faculty, staff and alumni. Institutions must evaluate important activities and agreements such as online payments (PCI-DSS), annual financial audits (controls) and cyber security insurance. Organizations, companies, firms and government are requiring an institution’s data and people are protected.


Audits, regulations and policies often produce a list of issues that must be addressed by an institution. For example, a financial audit may recommend adding security controls to sensitive data; a government agency may require student information be stored and accessed securely; cybersecurity insurance may charge increased premiums for schools that do not have multiple layers of protections for critical systems and incidents such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict increase the possibility of a cyber-attack.


The Campus Consortium is offering an In-Kind Grant program for qualified institutions to subsidize the cost of technology solutions to reduce risk and meet compliance requirements. Password management, account provisioning and multi-factor authentication are some of the available systems and services. The consortium partnered with OculusIT, an EdTech company with a long history of providing assessments and secure technology solutions for the education sector. The intent of this In-Kind Grant is to assist by relieving a portion of the financial burden and eliminate the necessity of internal technology expertise and equipment.

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Education Cyber Risk and Compliance
In-Kind Grant