Easily Transition to a Modern and User-Friendly
Student Information System
In-Kind Grant

Eligible Award Amount: Up To $1,000,000 Over 5 Years


Many colleges and universities have a legacy student information system (SIS) that is based on technology from past decades. Many systems have been modified and customized and are difficult to maintain but institutions are trapped in expensive agreements since this technology are often an institution’s system of record. Schools lack resources to maintain a SIS and manage a SIS vendors.


New generations of students interact exclusively online and depend on online systems for communication, entertainment, studies, banking, transportation, and more. This subsidy offers an opportunity to change an institution’s SIS and improve access and communication to ensure academic success and student services efficiency. A modern SIS can align with current student engagement strategies. The recent pandemic and social expectations further emphasize the need for a strong institutional online services to boost student engagement and support long-term goals.


Campus Consortium and EdTech company Unifyed partnered to offer a Student Information System (SIS) In-Kind Grant. The solution offers implementation of a customizable user-friendly SIS with seamless integration to other campus systems so students get quick access to important resources. Student life will be improved with targeted messaging, notifications and easy access through any device. This subsidy is designed to provide access to an affordable, low maintenance, user friendly, feature rich, cloud based enterprise SIS.


  • Accredited Higher Education institutions and K-12 schools and school districts are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants should indicate the challenges the solution aims to solve and why the grant would be helpful to the institution.
  • Institutions are eligible to apply for multiple grants. Separate applications are required for each grant pursued.



  • Grant Application Submission – Applications will be accepted until – September 07, 2022
  • Campus Consortium intends to announce Grant Awardees by September 14, 2022
  • (For Shortlisted Applicants) Grant Assessment & Technical Due Diligence Interview – September 21,22,23 2022
  • (For Awardees) Grant Award Package Walkthrough – September 28,29,30 2022
  • (For Awardees) Grant Award Master License and Services Agreement – October 05,06,07 2022
  • (For Awardees) Grant Award Statement of Work/SOW – October 12,13,14 2022
  • Grant Project Kickoff – October, November 2022

(Find out more about Campus Consortium In-Kind Grants or email info@campusconsortium.org)

Easily Transition to a Modern and User-Friendly Student
Information System In-Kind Grant