24/7 Cloud Service to Prevent, Detect, Analyze and Respond to Cybersecurity Threats
In-Kind Grant

(Security Operations Center as a Service (SOC))


Eligible Award Amount: Up To $100,000 Over 5 Years
Application Deadline: May 31, 2022


IT security is a growing concern for many organizations and another responsibility on a long list of priorities. Cybersecurity threats are here to stay, and attacks increase daily threatening the reputation and integrity of schools. Educational institutions are particularly vulnerable since they store and transact student, faculty, staff financial, academic, healthcare and other sensitive information. All institutional data is at risk from inside and outside of campus. Many institutions cannot access, implement or maintain cyber protection due to lack of funding, expertise or staffing.


The solution is to implement a comprehensive 24/7 cyber security system that prevents, detects, analyzes and responds to cybersecurity threats. This system is known as a Security Operations Center (SOC). A SOC is cloud hosted and managed by a team of engineers, managers and security specialists. It is an online service employing people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve an organization’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents. Completely remote and managed around the clock a SOC does not require work or support from internal IT staff.


The Campus Consortium Foundation is offering an Security Operation Center In-Kind Grant program for qualified institutions to subsidize the cost of a SOC system. The consortium partnered with OculusIT, an EdTech company with a long history of providing secure technology solutions for the education sector. The intent of this In-Kind Grant is to assist by subsidizing a portion of the financial burden and eliminating the necessity of internal technology expertise, staff and equipment.

(Find out more about Campus Consortium In-Kind Grants or email info@campusconsortium.org)

24/7 Cloud Service to Prevent, Detect, Analyze and Respond to Cybersecurity Threats
In-kind Grant

 (Security Operations Center as a Service (SOC))