Passwordless Onboarding and Smart Password Manager with Multi-Factor Authentication

Consortium EdTech discounts available until March 30, 2023

Benefits of Consortium EdTech discounts

  • Access to new and innovative education technology solutions
  • Pro bono and below education pricing services and support
  • Connect with Consortium certified education technology vendors
  • Access affordable and cost-efficient technology products and services
  • Campus Consortium is an advocate and liaison for educational
    institutions with EdTech vendors
  • Campus Consortium negotiates with vendors on behalf of
    Educational institutions
  • Network and collaborate with peer member institutions



Students, faculty and staff cannot wait to activate an account to start teaching, learning and working. Today, everyone expects usable, secure and efficient systems that protect their identities and quickly and easily provide access to campus systems, applications and services. The growth of innovation, societal changes and increasing dependency on technology means institutions must change their model to meet student expectations. To meet today’s student expectations education institutions must provide value and efficiency with services like Passwordless Onboarding.


Passwordless onboarding means you can significantly improve the way you add students, faculty and staff to access all institutional digital systems and communications without using temporary passwords. By automating account creation and management you gain efficiency, security, usability, compliance and cost savings. By eliminating manual processes institutions gain high availability and take the burden off staff to create and manage accounts. By using an enterprise cloud system students, faculty and staff get a fast and easy processes to get them up and running.


The Campus Consortium is offering a consortium pricing program that helps educational institutions overcome the financial burden and reduce the expense of staff, expertise, and equipment. This opportunity is made possible by a partnership with select EdTech vendors who provide secure and sustainable technology solutions for the
education sector.

About our Technology vendor partners

  • Vendors are dedicated to supporting education.
  • Design affordable cost-effective solutions.
  • Customized and user-friendly products and solutions.
  • Integrate technologies into existing systems.
  • Proven project delivery track records.
  • Industry best practices and customer service.
  • Responsive and knowledgeable service and support.
  • Continuous research and development.


  • Accredited Higher Education institutions.
  • Applicants who will use technology to improve their institution.
  • Member Institutions can apply for multiple programs.

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