Passwordless Onboarding and Smart Password Manager with Multi-Factor Authentication In-Kind Grant

Type of Grant: In-Kind Software and Services

Eligible Award Amount: Up To $100,000 Over 5 Years*

Application Deadline Extended Until: February 3, 2022

This grant provides institutions the opportunity to improve the student experience by providing one-click secure access to essential applications and reduce the current operational costs associated with password management.

Supports Virtual, Passwordless Student and Employee Onboarding.

​Eliminate passwords while improving security and providing best-in-class user onboarding.

​Additional Authentication Factors including Email, SMS, Yubikey, Authenticator.


This in-kind grant of software and services is underwritten by selected Campus Consortium technology vendor. Grant is intended at covering cost towards licensing, hosting, professional services, and support costs associated with implementation. As part of the registration process you will be added to the Campus Consortium listserv with access to upcoming grant programs and peer communication about issues that affect higher education today. You will have the option to opt out.

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