The Universal Student Data Model (USDM) is the next generation of new generation of secure and verifiable student records supporting all aspects of a student record ranging from data from identity management systems, student information systems, learning management systems engagement systems, ID and payments systems to give a more complete student record.

USDM is designed to enable colleges and universities to see a 360 degree view of the student upon which to make informed engagement and retention decisions. Designed to be used, curated and controlled by the student, the USDM is a modern student record structured for easy understanding yet flexible enough to support a wide range of use cases to meet the needs of students and registrars.

Transformative in its potential across education USDM is the product of tem years’ efforts by Campus Consortium, its members and partners in the community. The USDM has onboard verifiability but for an added degree of permanence implementers may choose to authenticate ownership with a blockchain solution. Campus Consortium’s Universal Data Model a verifiable, secure student record for the 21st century.