Offering Web & Mobile Accessibility To Students & Faculty: Inter-American University of Puerto Rico Awarded $384,965 Campus Consortium Grant To Implement Web & Mobile Solution

Chicago, June 15, 2018: Campus Consortium, the largest global education association of schools, colleges and universities, awards Inter-American University of Puerto Rico a $384,965 Grant to implement a Mobile Campus App for students and faculty.  A private institution of higher education, Inter-American University of Puerto Rico is a non-profit and with deep Christian roots. Currently, the University maintains an enrollment of over 40,000 students, which represents 21% of the university student population and 35% of the students enrolled in private institutions in Puerto Rico.

Institutions have forever been managing and budgeting for different tools of engagement to the same application systems. Campus Consortium brings a unique solution wherein the platform as a service not only saves cost but, also unifies the interface and effort for student, faculty, staff and administrations.

Elated to receive the grant, Manuel J. Fernos, ESQ./President at Inter-American University of Puerto Rico shared what drove the institution to apply for the grant, “At times when student engagement with Faculty and all the Campus community has been demonstrated to be vital for student success, IAUPR-SG telecommunications and informatics infrastructure update is an ambitious objective, yet the cost to meet this is impossible to be assumed during the current economic crisis in Puerto Rico. We are glad that now Campus Consortium will enable the Campus community to improve engagement and innovation through this grant, both important goals of the institutional strategic plan, at an affordable cost”.

He added, “The Web & Mobile Grant will together impact students’ satisfaction, improve academic advisement, greater engagement with different Campus student and academic affairs departments, while presented with updated information at hand.

“The ideology behind this platform is to remove extensive overhead in managing two different platforms and reduce cost. This Web & Mobile Grant will add to accomplish better student engagement along with a significant increase in student retention. We hope the University reaps the best out of this grant and ensures higher learning and teaching benefits for its students. We wish them all the luck.”, states Anjli Jain, Chairman of the Campus Consortium.

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About Campus Consortium

Campus Consortium is a leading education association with more than 37,000 higher education institutions and K-12 school district members. The Campus Consortium’s mission is to help members reduce the time, cost and effort associated with implementing enterprise IT services by leveraging shared IT services, lessons learned and best practices so that each member can avoid reinventing the wheel. For more information, please visit Campus Consortium or contact Marketing Desk

About Inter-American University of Puerto Rico

The Inter-American University of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico; abbreviated UIPR) in Spanish, and often referred as “Inter”— is an ecumenical Christian university in San Germán, Puerto Rico. The UIPR is a private co-educational university system in Puerto Rico. It was founded in 1912 in San Germán, Puerto Rico. The University has campuses in Aguadilla, Arecibo, Barranquitas, Bayamón, Fajardo, Guayama, Ponce, San Juan, and San Germán. The University also has three professional schools: School of Optometry, School of Law, and the School of Aeronautics. The Inter offers academic programs in 11 teaching units. The San Germán campus is also the home to the Inter American School, a private co-educational college-preparatory school. For more information, please visit

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