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Institutions that come on board with the Consortium mature each day into better problem-solvers and experienced front-runners. Together, members of The Campus Consortium share their journey of success, failures, and lessons learnt. These collaborations become the voice of change to reshape the education landscape to ensure student success and engagement.

The Consortium is a long-trusted friend in the education sphere and has established a “center of excellence” by providing a network of common mindsets and skills.

The center of excellence is a platform wherein institutions can have availability of resources to share and to initiate significant impact on student outcomes through their success stories.

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$5,000 for Companies Serving Higher Education.

What We Ask of Our Members

We count on our members to willingly contribute and participate in our community engagement activities:

  • Thought Leadership via Our Monthly EdTalks Broadcast
  • Author Blog Posts, Articles, and Industry Insights
  • Contribute to Success Stories and Conference Presentations
  • Publish Research Articles and White Papers

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