“Pioneering equitable and accessible technology solutions and thought leadership since 2003”

Since 2003 The Campus Consortium Foundation is a collaborative woman and minority founded member-based technology association serving all nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and underserved communities as a change champion, contact manager and problem solver to advance education, promote equitable access to technology and overcome financial, expertise and resource challenges.

Collaboration and Community Development

Campus Consortium provides a platform to unite its community through iSeminars, virtual introductions, case studies, thought leadership, best practice sharing, working groups, and conferences. In addition to this, we enable a comprehensive, healthy and diverse community of institutions to listen to and learn from one another. Over the years, these channels of collaboration have become pivotal to the Consortium’s success in delivering or supporting technology solutions that have championed adoption of innovative solutions, technology platforms, and business models across the industry.

Centralize Technology Agreements, Point of Contact and Management

The Consortium serves as a technology partner for hundreds of institutions supporting most if not all technology solutions and services on and off campus. For institutions who are looking to simplify and centralize the management of their technology investments, the Consortium provides them with a single source for accountability, tracking, and management of all vendors and agreements, including those provided by the Consortium’s technology partners and third party vendors.


Provide Economic Assistance

Recent demographic and financial challenges have resulted in a need for additional funding streams to support institutional goals. We design and support In-kind grant programs that help campuses successfully implement state of the art technology solutions. The Consortium members and our technology partners underwrite our
in-kind grants for software and services that are intended to reduce the cost towards licensing, hosting, professional services, and support costs associated with implementing the solutions.