HIPAA Certification
(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

A thorough NIST standard Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance audit conducted by experienced and credentialed professionals identifies HIPAA gaps within an institution. The cost of a HIPAA compliance audit to protect ePHI is prohibitive and prevents many organizations from considering this essential service. Campus Consortium pricing makes a HIPAA audit affordable and accessible.   

$15,000 Fee includes a comprehensive HIPAA gap assessment, identification of a short and long-term remediation plan, technology and functional unit advising, faction items and priorities, final report, certification document, badging, and follow-up. 

HIPAA Certification Highlights: 

  • Identify Personal Health Information (PHI) the organization creates, receives, stores, shares, and transmits internally with staff and externally with consultants, vendors, and associates.
  • Identify intentional and unintentional human, natural and environmental threats to the integrity of PHI. 
  • Assess current measures in place to protect against threats to the integrity of PHI and the likelihood of a cyber threat or breach incident. 
  • Determine the potential impact of a PHI breach and assign a risk level based on the likelihood of occurrence and impact levels. 
  • Document the findings and implement measures, procedures, and policies where necessary to ensure HIPAA compliance. 
  • The HIPAA audit and risk assessment include the rationale for recommended measures; policies and procedures; cost-effective implementation plans; establishing maintenance and update schedules; create document and data retention plans.