The Campus Consortium EdTech Think Tank is a community that gathers interdisciplinary contributors and participants from inside and outside of the education sector.

Technology, finance, academic, industry, and government professionals come together to brainstorm, perform research, strategize, and create policy and ideas to help educational institutions meet the needs of today’s students.

We are in the early stages of global, digital knowledge transformation. It has been reported by institutions, associations, and experts that current education models are considered inadequate for today’s world. The education system is expensive, lacks agility, and is unable to quickly revise competencies and provide upskilling and reskilling necessary for employer requirements and student preparedness. Education equity and access are becoming increasingly difficult for students as institutions struggle with enrollment, funding, and regulation. Government, businesses, corporations, industries, families, and society are demanding changes to an outdated academic model. We can work together to help find innovative and affordable solutions in the form of curricular changes, new instructional methods, student services, and operations to help educational institutions move forward in the digital, knowledge-based age. Join a community of thought leaders, practitioners, and contributors who pool knowledge and collaborate to advance education.

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