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– Diversity Officer as a Service

CAMPUS EXPERIENCE: ON GROUND Educational institutions create master plans, meet with architects and design and build a physical campus that provides functional, accessible, user friendly spaces and buildings for teaching, learning or recreation. Institutions invest in accommodations for those with special needs to ensure equal access for all. Attractive and functional physical campuses attract students, can the same be said of your online presence? The same careful consideration for an equitable on ground experience is equally important for an institution’s virtual environment.

CAMPUS EXPERIENCE: ONLINE How functional, accessible and usable are your institution’s essential online resources? Today students expect efficient and user friendly applications, portals, services, support, forms, learning systems and other digital interfaces. Are you providing an equitable online experience for students or do your online systems and services exclude and even insult some students? Campus Consortium provides an affordable comprehensive review of all campus technology systems and services that represent your “campus metaverse” or the virtual point of interaction for student, faculty and staff. Evaluation of the user experience and functionality of all institutional workflows that depend on technology including business processes, services, learning environments and communication. Campus Consortium offers special discounted pricing and customized services provided by respected and experienced partners, DEI consultants, experts and advocates.


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Digital DEI Services for Education

The following DEI services and consulting are available through Campus Consortium at reduced cost. Contact us to find out more.

  • Digital DEI Executive Brief:A report of priorities and recommendations will provide insight to affordably ameliorate the highest priority items and provide a feasible plan to ensure access and usability for all people. Recommendations ensure the feasibility, minimal effort and affordability of all action items.
  • Digital DEI Consulting:Inclusive services including organizational culture assessment; inclusive interviewing and hiring, the language of inclusion, role play, navigating employee productivity and retention, imposter syndrome, across the aisle, creating inclusive teams, working through diverse issues, and understanding bias in the workplace, and in technology.
  • Digital DEI Training and Workshops: We offer on the spot trainings for DEI situational issues. These on-the-spot trainings are user specific. Upon request for specific trainings, we will need to understand the issue and the parties concerned.
  • Create Equitable Job Descriptions:One of the best methods to ensure inclusion and equality is to create job descriptions that are inclusive and equitable. A job description may describe the job but there are coded words in most job description. Assistance with job posting, interviewing and onboarding new employees.
  • Improve Productivity and Retain Employees:DEI training and workshops are one, two, or three series sessions. Training topics include: valuing your staff; employee productivity and retention; across the aisle; creating cross experience teams; understanding and responding to microaggressions; coded language in the workplace; and Hepeat (giving voice to those who believe they do not have a voice).
  • Teaching and Learning Equality:The language of inclusion for teaching and learning. Role play, navigating student interaction, productivity and retention, creating inclusive classroom environments, working through diverse issues, and understanding bias in the classroom and in technology.
  • Diversity Officer as a Service:The new trend in DEI has been to hire a diversity officer. This is a good step to address diversity, inclusion, and equity. However, a single person cannot address all of the issues the arise in the workplace. We suggest the diversity officer should have access to external resources who can add value to equation. We suggest the consultant serve as a DEI thought team. Rather than one individual solving all the complexities of DEI, a team will assist in the examination of the issues of DEI and provide recommendations and support.