CSIM Certification
(Cyber Security Insurance Master Certification)

The Cyber Security Insurance Master Certification is a comprehensive campus-wide assessment based on NIST 800-171, ISO 27001 compliance, and conducted by experienced and credentialed Cyber Security Professionals.  

$20,000 Fee includes comprehensive assessment, technology, and functional unit advising, short-term and long-term action items and priorities, final report, certification document, badging, and follow-up.

Cyber Security Insurance Master Certification Highlights: 

  • Data security policies relating to the server, network, database, and applications in place 
  • Data loss prevention measures deployed 
  • Effective network access controls implemented 
  • Detection/prevention systems deployed 
  • Security controls established (physical and logical) 
  • The incident response program implemented
  • Risk assessment and management 
  • Security program assessment
  • Current policy review
  • Identity and access management
  • Software development security
  • Asset security
  • A communications protocol for network security
  • Vendor management for outsourced IT review
  • Vulnerability scan of the key servers, network devices, and web addresses