Campus Consortium to Conduct an EdTalk on Automating Account Provisioning and Security for Improving Productivity

Chicago, January 20, 2021: Campus Consortium, a global nonprofit education association, in collaboration with Kansas City Art Institute and University of Redlands, will be hosting a live EdTalk titled “Improved Productivity with Limited Resources: Automate Account Provisioning and Security” on Thursday, January 21, 2021.

Students, faculty and staff use of technology has accelerated over the past decade. The pandemic accelerated dependency on online learning and the mobile workforce. Managing secure access to applications is a challenge for institutions, and user provisioning is a time-consuming but essential task for everyone from Human Resources, Admissions and IT. In this webinar, our speakers Jake Fowler, Director of Campus Technology, Kansas City Art Institute, Chris Kincaid, MBA, Chief Technology Officer, University of Redlands, and Karl Horvath, Ph.D., President at Campus Consortium, will explain how institutions can easily implement a role-based approach for automated user provisioning and offer everyone a seamless and user friendly onboarding process for students, faculty, and staff. Our panel of experts transitioned legacy systems and processes and replaced them with affordable automated systems. Hear about pain points, pros and cons, project highlights, and answers to questions about research journeys to find new solutions.

“Today, students expect immediate access to academic and administrative resources. User accounts are the key access, communication and collaboration on campus. Creating user accounts must be a user-friendly experience without difficulty or delay. In today’s world, everyone uses technology for banking, healthcare, work, play and socialization. Automation of user account provisioning, managing identities and increasing security allows institutions to offer solutions our community expects, said Karl Horvath, Ph.D., President of Campus Consortium.

Who should attend: Higher education institutions, looking for a seamless workflow for account provisioning of students, faculty, and staff, must attend this webinar They would get expert recommendations shared by leaders from higher education institutions on ensuring operational efficiency, systematic workflows, and improved productivity during the account provisioning process.

EdTalk Date: Thursday, January 21, 2021

EdTalk Time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET 

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