Campus Consortium awards $243,000 grant to Green River College to implement a Campus Safety solution on campus

Chicago, December 10, 2019: Campus Consortium, a leading non-profit education association working with a mission to help higher education institutions throughout the globe to reduce the time, cost, and effort associated with implementing enterprise IT services, announces $243,000 Campus Safety App Grant award to Green River College. This in- kind grant for software and service will enable the institution to implement a campus safety platform for their students and faculty.

Suzanne Johnson, President at Green River College said, “We are committed to providing our students with the necessary resources to safely obtain an outstanding educational experience. A safety-focused mobile app will, therefore, be an invaluable asset for our institution. With the help of Campus Consortium grant, we are looking to implement a platform that will enhance the security at our campus and will provide our students with a safer learning environment.”

This grant will enable Green River College to improve security on campus with the campus safety app. The grant is intended to offset the licensing, hosting, professional services, and support costs associated with the implementation of the platform

The campus safety app uses wi-fi or cellular data to provide location details when someone makes an emergency call with the app. This gives accurate information and provides first responders with a better idea of where they need to go. Students can additionally redo the application to send alerts to their family, professors or friends if a crisis arises.

“Campus Consortium is glad to award this grant to Green River College to implement the campus safety platform at a reduced cost. The need of a dedicated safety measure is essential; therefore, the campus safety app will be for the institution and will provide the students with a safer campus experience,” said John Wannemacher, Executive Director of Campus Consortium.

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About Green River College

Green River College started as a program of adult evening education in 1945 as part of the Auburn School District. The school was approved to become a community college in 1963 and began technical and professional programs in September 1964. The school was originally located near the Auburn Boeing plant, but the following year the campus was relocated to its current location on Lea Hill. In 2014 the school changed its name from Green River Community College to Green River College and began offering the Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree. For more information, please visit

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