Campus Consortium Awarded $689,150 in Technology Grants to K-12 School and Higher Education Institutions
Grant Provides Security Operations Center-as-a-Service, Single Sign-On, Password Manager with MFA, Automated Provisioning & Mobile App, and Campus Safety Solution

Chicago, March 31, 2021: Campus Consortium, a global non-profit education association, announced today that it has awarded $689,150 in Technology Grants for Single Sign-On, Password Manager with MFA, Automated Provisioning and Mobile App, and Security Operations Center-as-a-Service to K-12 school and Higher Education Institutions. Awarded institutions include Chicago State University, Killingly Public Schools, Colorado Christian University, and Pillar College. The Grant was designed in collaboration with and supported by OculusIT ™ and QuickLaunch™.

“We understand the significance of securely managing access members in the evolving threat landscape,” said Dan Cohrs, Executive Vice President and CFO, Colorado Christian University. “The Grant will facilitate building an Identity Access Management roadmap, while significantly bolstering security for our institution. It will also help us improve productivity across IT systems.”

“The Education sector has experienced significant challenges and transformation over recent months and years. Campus Consortium supports nonprofit institutions, systems and organizations with affordable technology and tools that are essential for risk management and student success in today’s competitive environment.”  said Karl Horvath, Ph.D., President at Campus Consortium.

Apply for any or all the Grants below by April 28, 2021:

  • Automating Student/Staff Onboarding & Offboarding (Identity Management) Grant
  • SSO and Password Manger with MFA
  • IT Security and vulnerability assessment Grant
  • Simplify Student Support Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Grant
  • Virtual IT & OneStop Student Services Support Grant
  • Colleague® Hosting Grant
  • Student Information System and ERP Grant

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About Chicago State University

CSU is a public, comprehensive University that provides access to higher education for students of diverse backgrounds and educational needs. The University fosters the intellectual development and success of its student population through a rigorous, positive, and transformative educational experience. CSU is committed to teaching, research, and service and community development including social justice, leadership and entrepreneurship

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About Killingly Public Schools

Killingly Public Schools enroll approximately 2,800 students, PreK – 12. These schools share a long history of service to the community. Through consistent family and town support Killingly schools and their students have developed respected records of success in the fields of music, media, agriculture, technology, multicultural education, and sports.

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About Colorado Christian University

Founded in 1914, Colorado Christian University is the premier interdenominational Christian college in Colorado and the eight-state Rocky Mountain region, delivering world class education to thousands of students. As a member of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, CCU is ranked among the top universities nationwide.

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About Pillar College

Pillar College (formerly Somerset Christian College) is a private evangelical Christian college in Newark, New Jersey. Pillar College is the only accredited evangelical college in the state of New Jersey. The college was established in 2001 in the buildings and property formerly used by Zarephath Bible Institute, founded in 1908 and Alma White College, founded in 1921. Like SCC, The Pillar of Fire Church, now Pillar of Fire International, established these institutions as training schools for missionaries, preachers, and teachers.

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About the Campus Consortium

Founded in 2003, Campus Consortium is a leading non-profit education association with thousands of higher education institutions and K-12 school district members. The Campus Consortium mission is to help members reduce the time, cost, and effort associated with implementing enterprise IT services by leveraging shared IT services, lessons learned, and best practices so that each member can avoid reinventing the wheel when adopting new education technologies. To know more about Campus Consortium, please
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