June 2003 – June 2005

Jun 2003
The Campus Consortium is incorporated as a non-profit in Ohio by Executive Director, now Chairman Anjli Jain.
Nov 2003

14 founding campuses including Case Western Reserve University, the Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Foothill De Anza Community College District, and the University of Montana meet at EDUCAUSE to establish the mission of the Consortium, the principles of community development and the opportunities for collaboration.

Jun 2004
The Campus Consortium establishes Executive Advisory Committee comprising of CIOs from various member campuses.
Jun 2005

The Campus Consortium receives a grant from the City of Cleveland to move its headquarters from the BioEnterprise incubator located on the Case Western Reserve University campus to downtown Cleveland.


August 2005 – April 2010

Aug 2005

CampusEAI Consortium receives a Certificate of Recognition from the Mayor of Cleveland in recognition of the Consortium’s active participation in creating a new IT industry in Cleveland and for the organization’s dedication to servicing higher education.

Jan 2006

In partnership with its members, CampusEAI Consortium launches industry-first hosting and SaaS services for web applications including portal, collaboration, LMS and ERP software.

Apr 2010

Gartner announces CampusEAI Consortium as the “Cool Vendors in Web Technology” for its support of innovative new technologies and unique business model.

Apr 2010

CampusEAI Consortium spins out “CampusEAI” for-profit to support its growth and provide future incentives (eg. equity) to the startups its incubating.


January 2011 – September 2014

Jan 2011

CampusEAI Consortium establishes an office in Gurgaon, India.

Mar 2012

CampusEAI Consortium announces investment in consolidated helpdesk services and partners with five campuses to launch BlackBeltHelp.

Sep 2012

CampusEAI Consortium announces investment in mobile development and incubates Kryptos Mobile as an industry-first cloud-based, self-service app development and publishing platform.

Jul 2014

CampusEAI Consortium opens EVC Ventures accelerator in Gurgaon, India.

Aug 2014

CampusEAI Consortium invests in IDaaS starting with announcing its incubation of and investment in QuickLaunch SSO.

Sep 2014

CampusEAI Consortium officially launches of EVC Ventures.


February 2015 – July 2017

Feb 2015

The Campus Consortium launches EdTalks.

Jan 2016

CampusEAI Consortium becomes the Campus Consortium to reflect the broader technology portfolio and strategy that the Consortium is leading.

Feb 2016

The Campus Consortium announces unprecedented partnership with Government of India to launch I-MADE program with a goal of launching 1 million mobile app start-ups in 5 years by providing all 35,000 intuitions with an app development platform and programs to help campuses and students adopt and create mobile-first solutions.

Jun 2016

The Campus Consortium establishes Chicago as its new executive headquarters.

Jul 2017

The Campus Consortium appoints new Executive Director.